Prayer Note #27 — Lord of All

Icy Trees; photo by GAC

Lord of heaven, Lord of earth, Lord of all time, Lord of this moment, Lord of all things living and Lord of my own beating heart, I want you to be my Lord.  I want my fleeting thoughts to be from you and for you.  I want you to be the head waters of my dreams and the mouth where they flow out into the wide ocean of your sovereignty and love.  I want you to be the One who soothes and quiets the itching and twitching of my fevered imagination and then guides it soaring into the vast expanse of your creative, sovereign will.

Where else could I look for such things?  Who else can fertilize and fructify the soil of my imagination?  Who else can master and manage the sizzling, darting of my mind?  You, Lord God, only you.  I have no such strength in my.  For me to manage and master my random spurtings of energy and lapses into enervating paralysis, I would have to cease to be me.  I would have to step outside of myself and become some demigod.  But only you are God.  And you are altogether God; there is no “demi” in your name.

You are not just vast — you are infinite.  You are not just powerful — you are omnipotent.  You are not just wiser than all — you are

Wintery Hills; photo by GAC

wisdom itself.  You are not just the perfection of love — you are the fountainhead of all love — love’s only and inexhaustible source.  You are the essence of mastery without tyranny, sovereignty that multiplies freedom, discipline that explodes into creativity.

All other lordships are poison beside you.

© 2011 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Note #27 — Lord of All

  1. Now that is thoughtful praying and beautiful praise. Thank you for sharing your prayers with us, Gary.

    Lord, we are yours. We exalt You, need You, and seek You. Breathe into us the breath of life so that we continue to experience You in abundance. You are above all. May your name be praised.


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