Prayer Note #26 — A Pastor’s Sunday Morning Prayer

At the Community of the Cross, Black Mountain, NC; photo by GAC

Lord, my emotions are squirming around in me in a very uncomfortable way.  I know that that is caused by a wide range of pressures, stressors, foolish thoughts, genuine problems, and a real sense of overload, of having more things in my mind than I can keep track of.  Important matters are slipping through my fingers because I can’t get a good grip on them.  There are just too many things to keep hold of.  There are lots of details — some of them important– that are scurrying around in the undergrowth at my feet.  But I lose track of them; I don’t know where they all are, or even what they all are.  They make me very, very anxious.

This morning, please, quiet everything in me until all that I hear is your voice, all the I see is your movements, all that I care about is your good pleasure.  In quietness of being, grant me to see and know your sovereign lordship, power, and mercy.  Grant me to see and know your heart and mind, to be awed by you.

Show me again my calling from you, especially for this morning.  Show me my work; let me see it with clarity and through eyes of love — love for you, love for my people, love whoever is before my eyes.

©2011 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.


One thought on “Prayer Note #26 — A Pastor’s Sunday Morning Prayer

  1. May He lift off all of your pressures so that your heart is lightened to experience the joy of His warming and secure presence. May you hear His voice with extreme clarity and experience the excitement to confidently echo the words of His heart that He has made known to you. May you experience the depth of His love by seeing through His eyes as He looks upon His precious people.


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