Prayer Notes #3–Reflecting on Acts 2:38

A Prayer

Reflecting on Acts 2:38

I confess, Lord, that I’m not sure that I’m willing to repent.  Well, but I don’t want not to repent.  The price of that is far too great.  But the complete change of life, of direction, of behavior seems so hard; and I love my ease and comfort and convenience.  My heart and mind are so cumbersome and hard to manage.  Yet, I truly cannot bear the thought of going my own way without you.  I want to go your way with you.  But I think you will have to do it in me for me.

© 2009 Gary A. Chorpenning


2 thoughts on “Prayer Notes #3–Reflecting on Acts 2:38

  1. This is an interesting one. There seems to be a line that the speaker is afraid to cross. Stepping over will cause him to be in unfamiliar territory, foreign and unsettling. He seems to know however that he wants to be on that other side walking in the way of the Lord. He knows he can no longer stay in his pattern of life. So it seems as though he is asking the Lord to pick him up and carry him over the line. He is surrendering himself. Or maybe it is like the feeling you get standing on the edge of the high diving board. Can he ask the Lord to give him that push without making the move to jump on his own? I think he can. I think once he has surrendered himself to the Lord, he has taken the plunge and he will be given the gift of the Holy Spirit to keep his head above water. The Lord will stay with him and guide him. Although..there will always be the other side tempting him to turn back to his old ways. I think he will need to make his own continuous conscious effort to stay close to God or better yet remain in his arms. How much can he expect the Lord to do for him? And I think the answer to that is , as long as he continues to ask, he will receive.


  2. You do a great job of describing the condition of fallen humanity and that of the regenerated. We know we have to and that we will go with God. And dang, we really need God to do it because we can’t, and even if we could, we wouldn’t know how.


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