Pastor Notes #4

A Prayer

You bring unexpected and surprising encounters into my life regularly, Lord.  And because you are the Lord and my Lord, I know that these encounters are part of your purpose for me.  I often don’t know exactly what your purposes are in bringing me and any given person together, but I know that you are in it and that such comings-together are not random or pointless.

Help me to always pay attention to my meetings with people — the ones I plan and the “accidental” ones.  I believe that you have equipped me with a gifting in discernment.  But I mostly — I’m ashamed to say it — I mostly do not consciously or believingly operate in that gifting.  Prod me harder to pay attention to the people I’m with.  Stir me up to a greater prayerfulness in conversations.  Increase my courage and willingness to engage with others and not to withdraw or hide behind walls and boundaries too fiercely defended.

© 2009 Gary A. Chorpenning


One thought on “Pastor Notes #4

  1. Amen. I believe that the Lord speaks to me while I listen carefully, with an open heart to the ones he brings me in contact with. These communications from him come at the most applicable and helpful times. He causes me to hear what I need to hear when I stay alert to the world and people around me. Sometimes I’m sure that the insight and connections that he reveals are meant to be shared with others that might be in need of hearing the same message that may apply in a different but particular way to their specific situation. He helps us help one another. We need to listen more carefully, “prayerfully”, and with empathy. And because the giving and receiving is an integral part oh His equation. We need to share of ourselves, but I think also what we decide to share needs to be given thoughtfully, prayerfully, and purposefully. But I think that His spirit will guide us to the recipient He may have in mind and prompt us to be more open.


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