Quote of Note #67 — “Prefer Others to Ourselves”

"When Scripture commands us to conduct ourselves in such a manner toward men, as 'in honor to prefer others to ourselves,' and faithfully to devote our whole attention to the promotion of their advantage, it gives such commands as heart can by no means receive without being first cured of our sinful nature." John Calvin, … Continue reading Quote of Note #67 — “Prefer Others to Ourselves”

Bible Notes #1– Jeremiah 8:6-7

This passage contains an interesting and powerful contrast.  Sinful human action is like a war horse, charging into battle.  What is such a charge like?  It is determined and direct.  It is forceful, intent on driving through every obstacle.  It is directed by a distinct purpose, the fulfillment of the rider's own intention.  It is … Continue reading Bible Notes #1– Jeremiah 8:6-7