Pastor Note #64 — Marriage: And Now for Something Completely Different

Marriage:  And Now for Something Completely Different Is there really a good reason why marriages of more than two people should be forbidden by law? Is sex a necessary part of marriage as it is now defined by the Supreme Court of the United States? Or is it now conceivable that an intentionally non-sexual relationship … Continue reading Pastor Note #64 — Marriage: And Now for Something Completely Different

Pastor Note #32 — “Forgive Me!”

Forgive Me!   Forgiving is not one of the easier parts of the Christian faith.  In fact, it’s something that I myself struggle with from time to time.             I know, I know.  You’re saying, “Not you!  Surely not you!  You are such a nice guy, such a nice, easy-tempered guy.  I simply can’t believe … Continue reading Pastor Note #32 — “Forgive Me!”

Pastor Note #16 — “Sex With a Purpose”

  What is sex?  And what is it for?  And is your answer any of my business anyway? For all our modern western  society’s fixation on sexuality, I don’t see any evidence that we are any less confused about it than our great grandparents.  So many books are being published on how to deal with … Continue reading Pastor Note #16 — “Sex With a Purpose”