Backyard Note #6 — Singers, Lovers, Assassins

"Voyeur!" had been my wife's reply to my text message.  And I suppose It was a fair assessment.  I had been quite brazen about it, although I couldn't get too close for fear of disturbing the couple.  Well, actually, the scene was edgier than that.  I was watching and photographing a menage a trois, a … Continue reading Backyard Note #6 — Singers, Lovers, Assassins

Backyard Note #5 — Feeding the Stock

[From a journal entry dated July 2003] I've been busy hunting for food for our various wildlife guests.  We have been collecting specimens from the Chemung River.  It all started with the set of twenty or so toad tadpoles that we found in a small pool along the bank of the river.  It was water … Continue reading Backyard Note #5 — Feeding the Stock