Pastor Note #80: Conversation with an Angry World

A few days ago, I received a message on Facebook from an acquaintance of mine.  He had sent the message to a bunch of people.  In my opinion, it was quite a politically inflammatory message.  Accompanying the statement was the challenge, “If you don’t share this message on Facebook, you aren’t a true America.”  This … Continue reading Pastor Note #80: Conversation with an Angry World


Prayer Notes #6–Choosing to Hear

My Lord, how you work in faithful purposefulness!  You give me a heart that is able to listen.  You intentionally choose to place me where I can be of use.  Though, all too often I fail to pay attention.  The failure is in my attentiveness, my alertness, not in the clarity of your voice.  You … Continue reading Prayer Notes #6–Choosing to Hear