Quote of Note #48: Finding Happiness

"Happiness is the great question confronting mankind.  The whole world is longing for happiness and it is tragic to observe the ways in which people are seeking it.  The vast majority, alas, are doing so in a way that is bound to produce misery.  Anything which, by evading the difficulties, merely makes people happy for … Continue reading Quote of Note #48: Finding Happiness


Sermon #49–“Then, Now, & Forever: Better Than Gold”

THEN, NOW, & FOREVER: BETTER THAN GOLD A Sermon from Acts 3:1-10 A human being simply cannot grasp a live electrical wire and remain unaffected by the encounter.  That is the simple nature of things.  A significant electric current passing through the human body will be an experience that the person cannot ignore.  So, also, … Continue reading Sermon #49–“Then, Now, & Forever: Better Than Gold”

Pastor Note #55 — The Joy and Humility of Pastoral Ministry

  Last Fall, I passed my thirtieth anniversary in pastoral ministry.  At one of its meetings around that time, our presbytery recognized those of us who were marking anniversaries in multiples of five –tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, etc.  They started with the smaller anniversaries and worked up.  It took them a little while to get to … Continue reading Pastor Note #55 — The Joy and Humility of Pastoral Ministry