Pastor Note #69: Death and the Victory of Christ

DEATH AND THE VICTORY OF CHRIST: Living and Dying Well You are going to die.  So am I.  This is a fundamental and unavoidable truth for all human beings, and how we deal with that great truth can have a profound impact on how well we live and on how well we die.  Sadly, many … Continue reading Pastor Note #69: Death and the Victory of Christ

Poem #1 My Grandma’s Old, Orange Cat

MY GRANDMA'S OLD, ORANGE CAT My grandma had an old, orange cat Older than me when I knew him. A stern companion, Not always patient with little boys, He bore his age With as much dignity as an old cat can, Though in his last summer The flies bothered him. In the end, he liked … Continue reading Poem #1 My Grandma’s Old, Orange Cat

Pastor Note #23 — Marking Time

Seasons come and go, cycling from one to the next.  Our calendars turn from one year to the next.  Time passes along, steadily, inescapably, unavoidably, relentlessly. Recently, I was sitting in the dental chair waiting for my dentist to finish with another patient across the room.  The dentist was saying something to that patient about … Continue reading Pastor Note #23 — Marking Time