Sermon #65 — Death Defeated, Part 2: A New Creation

Sermon Audio of “Death Defeated, Part 2: A New Creation” (see link to audio below)

European Dark Honey Bee; photo by GAC

Our bodies die.  And with that physical death come all sorts of loss and tearing of relationship.  Physical death is a powerful reality that all human beings have to come to terms with.  In this sermon, I explore what the Bible has to tell us about that.

I also lay out for our consideration what the Bible has to tell us about what God is doing and will do to overcome and reverse physical death for us.  Bodily death is an unavoidable reality for us in this fallen world, but God has created a remedy that carries us through and beyond the painful tearing losses of bodily death into a new and victorious reality through the risen Jesus Christ.

Read (click on links for Bible text):  2 Corinthians 4:7-18 & Revelation 21:1-7

Listen to the sermon (click on the hyperlink):  Death Defeated, Part 2: A New Creation (audio link here)

Listen also to: Sermon #64–Death Defeated, Part 1: What Is Death?

©2017 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.


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