Sermon #59 — The Resurrection Mission

An Ancient Ruin; photo by GAC
An Ancient Ruin; photo by GAC

The Resurrection Mission
John 20:19-23
A Sermon Preached
on April 19, 2015
at Venice Presbyterian Church
in Cecil Township, PA

There is room for only one priority in the life of a disciple of Jesus: namely, loving Jesus by living our his calling on our lives.  This priority is quite imperialistic.  It will tolerate no other priorities for our lives.  All other priorities in life must bow the knew before this one divine priority.  Jesus has set a life-defining calling on our lives, sending us to carry to a lost world the gospel of forgiveness of sins–reconciliation with God and life in the face of death.  Of course, we aren’t able to fulfill this calling, not in ourselves.  He will do it through us by empowering us to fulfill that calling through the Holy Spirit who has come upon us.  If you have received the gift of the Holy Spirit, then you have in the Spirit, the very power that raised Jesus from the grave.  In that power, you are more than equipped to fulfill this mission.  Accept this calling from Jesus.  Watch for the opportunities that God will put in your life.  Fulfill your calling.

Just he became one of us in the flesh — “fully human;” just as Jesus  has lived for us the holy life we were made for but failed to fulfill; just as in Jesus our lives have gone to the cross; just as we have been raised up with Jesus in his resurrection;  just as in Jesus we have now ascended to the right hand of God; so also we are sent in Jesus into the world and empowered in his Holy Spirit to bring life to a world of death.

Read: John  20:19-23

Then, listen to:  The Resurrection Mission

©2015; Gary A. Chorpenning


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