Sermon #49–“Then, Now, & Forever: Better Than Gold”

A Sermon from Acts 3:1-10

Carolina Wren Singing; photo by GAC.
Carolina Wren Singing; photo by GAC.

A human being simply cannot grasp a live electrical wire and remain unaffected by the encounter.  That is the simple nature of things.  A significant electric current passing through the human body will be an experience that the person cannot ignore.  So, also, an encounter with the living God will have an effect on a person.  That’s what we see in this event described by Luke here at the beginning of the third chapter of Acts.  I wonder if the man healed by Peter didn’t perhaps feel something like an electric current when Peter took him by the hand and raised him up on his heretofore non-working feet.  Who know?  Luke doesn’t give us that bit of information.

What Luke does give us is a description of the man’s reaction when he realized that God had done a miracle of healing on his feet and ankles.  That description shows us a man whose world has been rocked off its foundations by an encounter with the living God of heaven and earth.

Discipleship and heart worship are the natural outgrowth of a living encounter with the redeeming power of God.

Read: Isaiah 35:1-10 & Acts 3:1-10.

Then listen to:  “Then, Now, & Forever: Better Than God”

©2013 Gary A. Chorpenning; all rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Sermon #49–“Then, Now, & Forever: Better Than Gold”

  1. So rich, Gary. I couldn’t take notes fast enough – thankful for the pause button. 🙂 What I’ll probably remember best in the future, at random moments, is this little soundbite at the end:
    “This may be a moment when God does A Thing. Always be watching for that. …Watch for it. Pay attention to it. God is doing it. He’s gonna do it today. You might notice it. You can if you want.”
    I, for one, don’t want to miss a single “Thing!”


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