Sermon #37 — Our God of Power: Redeeming a People to Himself — Exodus 3:1-12

High Above San Antonio, Texas; photo by GAC
High Above San Antonio, Texas; photo by GAC

“I am convinced that the Christian life becomes a truly exciting adventure only when God is free to break into our days at any moment, just as he did in the case of ordinary, rank-and-file believer[s] [throughout the Bible], providing us with a special ministry assignment, calling for us to speak and act prophetically toward others in his name.”  Gary Tyra, The Holy Spirit in Mission, pp. 36-37.

As I point out in Sermon #36, God is actively, purposefully, and powerfully present in every moment, every place, and every aspect of the created order.  Here as in this sermon, I take us a little farther into the revelation of God’s redeeming purposes.  We see here that God makes himself powerfully present to his enslaved people in Egypt and “comes down to deliver” them.  And it is there that we see in a very concrete way the purpose of God’s powerful activity — that of delivering, redeeming, setting free a people for intimate communion with him.  It is his powerful purpose to draw human beings into his gracious presence.  He didn’t stop doing that once he got the Israelites onto the east side of the Red Sea.  No, he is still concerned to “know” his people’s suffering (Ex. 3:7).  And by that I mean YOUR suffering, YOUR burdens, YOUR enslavement — oh, yes, and MINE, too.

Read: Exodus 3:1-12 and Ephesians 2:11-22.

Then, listen to “Our God of Power:  Redeeming a People to Himself”

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