Sermon #22 — Forgiveness: The Pathway to Healing

Nipplewort with a Few Dame’s Rockets in the Background:photo by GAC.

Forgiveness is the God-created, God-empowered process by which we are healed from the bitterness that infects our hearts when they get wounded and by which we are set free from the bondage that bitterness produces in us.

 Sometimes we can convince ourselves that we can somehow get back at a person who has hurt us by withholding our forgiveness from them.  Usually, the person who has hurt us doesn’t much care whether we forgive them or not.  But what is certainly true is that unforgiveness always does us more harm than it does to anyone else.  The refusal to forgive is always deeply self-destructive.  Forgiveness is the pathway to healing.

Read:  Genesis 33:1-20 and Colossians 3:12-17.

Then, listen:  Forgiveness: The Pathway to Healing 


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