Sermon #17–Who Is This Jesus?: The Resurrection Life

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This sermon is the last of a series of sermons that I preached from the “I Am” passages in John’s gospel.  It is the last in the series, but it is the first that I’m posting to my blog.  I suppose the main reason I’m putting this one up first is that I want to get it up here before we get too far away from Easter Sunday.

In the sermon itself, I review the question of why these “I Am” sayings in John’s gospel are significant.  I won’t write it out here; you’ll just have to listen to the sermon itself to get the answer.

I preached this sermon on Easter Sunday 2012.  As I preached it, I could not help being acutely aware of the fact that there were a number of people present in the sanctuary who were, I knew, struggling under the weight of brokenness of a variety of recent wounds.  Pastor’s know these things, you know.  We rarely tailor sermons to address individual’s situations.  But we are often very much aware that the passage and the word from God we are given to bring may come to bear with force in particular lives.  Most of us, who have done this work for a while and who do it with a sense of discipline and responsibility, do not target people by our sermons, even if with good intent.  But we are aware that God has so arrange the circumstances that on that given morning we know he is doing something through us.

Before you listen to the sermon, read John 11:1-44.

Who Is This Jesus?: The Resurrection Life


3 thoughts on “Sermon #17–Who Is This Jesus?: The Resurrection Life

  1. It’s interesting that you mention that. I was thinking about that this past Sunday – How it must feel to look out and see so many people you know so well and you know the struggles they are going through. I wondered if you thought about how the things you were saying may be effecting each one.. I was imagining what a heavy, compassionate, empathetic weight would fall on a Pastor’s shoulders and heart.. I’m sure though that it could be quite possible that as you have prayed for each one of us, you entrust us to the Lord’s care and He carries that weight for you?


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