Sermon #15 — The Doctrine of God, Pt. 6: To Know and Be Known

Coffee and the Word; photo by GAC

The Christian faith is not merely a set of ideas or concepts that adherents are meant to affirm intellectually; rather it is a living relationship with a living Being.  If this series of sermons were to lead anyone to the notion that the Christian faith is simply about an intellectual decision to agree to a set of complex ideas about the concept of God, then I would consider the effort a profound failure, and I would pull them off my blog immediately.

In this sermon, I aim you toward a different way of approaching the Christian faith, one that recognizes that God is not simply an idea but rather a person — one who seeks and longs for a two-way, on-going relationship between us and him.  The Christian faith is knowing God not merely knowing about God.  Look at these two Bible passages before listening to the sermon.

Psalm 63:1-5

Philippians 3:7-11

The Doctrine of God, Pt. 6: To Know and Be Known





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