Sermon #9 — “I’m Afraid: Expecting Too Little” — Matthew 8:18-27

The Falls of the Potomac; photo by GAC

This sermon is a follow-up to “Sermon #8.”  In it, I explore some of the things that cause us to expect too little from God and so live with aching, paralyzing fears, which we could let go of in Christ.  Click here to see the text of Matthew 8:18-27.  Also, in the course of the sermon, I refer to a statement found in the Heidelberg Catechism (1564), a doctrinal statement affirmed by several modern Christian denominations, including the Christian Reformed Church and the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Here is the section I refer to:

Question #26:  What do you believe when you say, “I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth”?

Answer:  That the eternal Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who out of nothing created heaven and earth and everything in them, who still upholds and rules them by his eternal counsel and providence, is my God and Father because of Christ his Son.  I trust him so much that I do not doubt he will provide whatever I need for body and soul, and he will turn to my good whatever adversity he sends me in this world.  He is able to do this because he is almighty God; he desires to do this because he is a faithful Father. (Christian Reformed Church)

Here’s the link to the sermon“I’m Afraid: Expecting Too Little”

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2 thoughts on “Sermon #9 — “I’m Afraid: Expecting Too Little” — Matthew 8:18-27

  1. ‎”Our GOD is so BIG so STRONG and so MIGHTY! There’s NOTHING our God cannot do.” Almighty God and Loving Father, when I start to fear, reassure me and give me FAITH like never before to ask for nothing less than all You want to give.


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