Prayer Note #19 — A Christian’s Prayer at the Turning of the Year

A Christian’s Prayer at the Turning of the Year

Cape Cod Bay Evening; Photo by GAC


Lord Jesus, you are the Word through whom all things were spoken into existence.  You are the eternal Word who was present before the beginning of time itself.  And you are the Word who became flesh to live in this world of days and nights, of months and years.  You know the timeless peace and stillness of the ever unchanging ocean of Eternity.  And you have plunged bodily into the rushing, chaotic exuberance of the surging river of time and space.

So often I feel like a victim of this swirling rush of time and events that is my life.  Swept away by the chaotic convolutions of life and circumstances, I can sometimes feel nearly drown.

Then, somehow (by your Spirit? – By Your Spirit!) my flailing hand is led to the sturdy, steady lifeline of your Will running purposefully down through the white water torrent of Life.  With my hands firmly grasping this lifeline of your Will, I find my fears beginning to quiet.  Steadied by the strength and stability of your Will, I can begin to see, instead of chaos, the driving energy of your powerful purpose.

So, Lord Jesus, I say sweep me along in the purposeful power of your Will.  Take me onward in the direction of your desires.  Let the turning of this “new” year be also the turning of my will toward the flowing current of your Will.

In the days and weeks and months of this coming year, make my hands strong and sure in their grip on the lifeline of your Will.  Build up in me confidence and commitment to your sure purpose and, in that way, enable me to see the joyful, rushing exuberance of your Will in the midst of the seeming chaos of daily life.  Amen.

© 2010 Gary A. Chorpenning; All rights reserved.


One thought on “Prayer Note #19 — A Christian’s Prayer at the Turning of the Year

  1. Your words that stand out to me ” the driving energy of your powerful purpose.” We just have to jump in and hold on to Jesus. He’ll never let go.


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